Personal Career Strategy

Personal career strategy is a program that is developed to help individuals evaluate the viability of the MBA course in their line of career. The policy employed could either be formal or informal. These policies help an individual develop a clear career roadmap. Career clarification is also achieved. It will assist in identifying and evaluating an individual’s professional needs.

The objectives of this program are as follows:

  • Could basic beliefs, passions, and talents be used to create my career?
  • What is the available knowledge that the course would provide to me?
  • What do the recruiters expect of me?
  • What is the relationship to my line of choice?

This program would ensure that all the barriers to implementation are overcome for a smooth and successful movement. Through the completion relevant content, proper internships and projects and exemplary international opportunities, the better reputation of the program will be achieved. It will also give a clear relationship between an individual’s careers to that of MBA.

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An organization that uses the traditional structure of parallel career tract is surely on a downward trend. This involves an executive in the organization. Decisions of the executive would be final and no decisions would be debated upon during most policy developments. Most will bring in staff who would sing to their tune at the expense of the company. Decisions are made very fast but in an irrational manner.

Ways of improving the traditional structures of an organization include the following: the development of geographical market segments. Ensuring common standards are created. The transport system should also be improved by creating more fleets. Should a need arise then the company could expand in order to enjoy economies of scale. The results that can be obtained by transforming the traditional structures of a company are far from being enumerated, but here are the results that can be achieved. With proper implementation profits would shoot to very high levels. The company’s image would also be improved if better services are offered. Some staff would gain their morale for work and thus excellent services. According to my personal opinion, the benefits outsourced from this transformation is from far-fetched.


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