Effective Risk Management for Event Organizers


In this article, a comprehensive highlight is provided for the event management process for a five-star hotel and conference venue in which various events are to be held. The various components that constitute events management are discussed together with the provision of comprehensive illustrations in the appendices. The things that are covered in this article are inclusive of events planning, logistics together with events operations among others. The events operations section provides a comprehensive understanding of the risk management and space management among others. The main interest in this article is centered on the wedding event management which is enhanced through looking at the various important aspects which are inclusive of the event planning, the logistics, the events operations, the space management and risk management among others.

In conclusion, this article establishes that risk management is essential based on the fact that through appropriate strategy employment, the five-star hotel is likely to reduce and even eliminate rather than incorporate the risks that are likely to be prevalent in this event. The emphasis on the aspect of risk management is also emphasized on based on its importance and its strong role in determining whether an event will be successful or not. In addition, the analysis takes each event individually and this is even more enhanced based on the fact that these events occur during different days. Therefore, with the successful completion of planning for one event, there is a time frame which allows for planning for a new event the following day.


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Event planning

The event planning assists the organizers of an event in planning and holding an event that is successful and fully reflective of application of all the necessary important planning components. This is a comprehensive activity and goes beyond drafting a simple plan which at times may not be reflective of the hotel’s goals that are targeted and have to be achieved. Bodwin (2006) notes that this process starts with making a decision on the kind of event that the organizers planning to hold, who are to be targeted in the actual event and what these targeted parties might be interested in. Having the basics in mind is very important before an event can be planned according to Leopkey (2000). This revolves around taking a look at the kind of resources that are available in the hotel in terms of a budget and manpower among others. At this point, it is also important to evaluate whether it is necessary to have other parties that can form the collaboration with the main organizers with an aim of making this event even more successful. At the hotel level, it is strongly expected to be the comprehensive and independent event organized and implemented by the hotel event organizers alone although, in other not profit guided organization, the issue of collaborators is highly valued.

Durfee (2006) adds that an event cannot be successful without gathering a planning committee or team whose interest can be collaborated for the success of the event. This will involve the inclusion of the people whose interest towards the event success is undeniable on the planning committee or team. The difference in perspective, as well as contact with the audience members, will be of great value in the planning process. When carrying out the recruitment to the committee, the main organizers of the event should consider the people that do have strong skills for leadership, a clear target to the detail, the ability to organize for ways through which the required resources can be availed in case of scarcity, relations, and experience with the media together with experience in programming for events. The assembly of the appropriate committee will be followed by holding a consensus that can help to answer the questions requiring the specific answer. In relation to these questions, the goal of the event will have to be clearly highlighted, the audience that is targeted for the event and the resources available.

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The planning for the resources will consider factors such as whether there is a budget through which the funds for holding the event can be availed. This should go along with understanding whether there is member’s availability to enhance planning and working the event. The conference management that is efficient should also consider the kind of event that the hotel plans to hold at the specific time, which will vary to the inclusion of health fair, seminar, performances, and luncheon among others. In the planning of the exact venue for holding a specific event, the event organizers will have to choose between the ranges of available conference venues for the most convenience. This will go alongside deciding if there is need to have space reserved, whether there are some permits that are required to make the event successful and the number of stakeholders that have to be accommodated in the event.

In relation to the time management, the management is going to be based on the understanding that the key management issue is the ability to think ahead. The hotel event management extends to the organizers the responsibility of ensuring that the five events are appropriately managed within the provided daily time frame. This will require the event organizers to check the event calendar to ensure that there is no coincidence of these events with other hotel events that might also have been scheduled to use the venues. On the day of the event, the effort will have to be made to ensure that this is the central issue and every other resource that is required is available. The rehearsal is also another issue that will have to be addressed. In the wedding event, it is usually very important that everyone has the feeling of being at the venue; the size of the room, the audience location, the parking area, the entry and exit, the handling of the microphone to name just but a few. It is also vital for the time for networking to be allowed. This will provide the clients with the opportunity which may be needed for talking to the organizers on some of the various approaches that they will see as important if incorporated in the organization for the event.

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Organizing event logistics revolves around the need for having a comprehensive tracking of who is available for which task as well as the time guideline that is provided and which can enable the event organizers to have a specific time when the tasks needs completion. The importance of logistics cannot be overlooked as a tool with its own importance. According to Van De Wagen (2001), logistics revolves around having a good organization of things alongside having everything pulled down and things are done in the appropriate place. The Gantt chart in appendix 3 provides a comprehensive summary of the event schedule. Basically, logistic goes alongside having an event site map whose importance is realized in its ability to provide a communication tool for the logistic manager that is necessary. For a small event, the checklist that is standard for the site map of the logistics will have to be inclusive of the direction together with the scale. In addition, this needs to have a list of symbols that the map uses, the entrance and exits, the parking and roads, the center for administration, the access roads in event of emergency, entrance and exits, the outlets for water and electricity, toilets, area for locating misplaced property, tents, stalls for the market, storage area for equipment, areas that are not within bounds, the spots that are dangerous, ATMS, telephones, pathways and maintenance among others.

The event which the Five Star Hotel has given out responsibility for organizing is to be held within a capacity of 500, conference space that is flat whose location is at the hotels central part. Five events are in this program and all require comprehensive preparation prior and during the time within which they will be ongoing. The management at this level cannot afford to degrade the high reputation of this hotel which has been associated with bringing out services that march up with the expectation of the customers. Five events are to be organized and planned for which are; a conference by a company (appendix 2A), the Christmas function which will be held for the staff of the hotel and antiquate fair which will be held on different days (appendix, 2B), a fashion show for charity (appendix 2C) and a reception for a wedding (appendix 2D). The most important thing to note in this event preparation is that in each of the events, there will be certain preparation which is very well elaborated in the Gantt chart and the plan for the site. The sketch in appendix 1 provides the model plan, which is comprehensively designed to facilitate hosting any event regardless of its complexity nature. This site has in the past hosted various highly attended wedding events, fashion shows, general seminars and other functions.

This is also based on the fact that the fact that this site is well organized for large and successful events coupled with the site meeting the requirements of the site. In addition, this site has various extra beneficial facilities that may be accommodative to other recreational activities. A self-explanatory example of site management plan is provided in appendix 1. The plan in appendix 3 is elaborate and gives a clear guideline to the essential activities that will be held for the specified event. The site plan is designed while incorporating the fact that there can be various impediments that have emerged in the previous events such as the space failing to meet the capacity that turns up for the event. This is a bad reputation which portrays the inability of the organizing committee for the conference having good predicting skills. It, in addition, has a likelihood of ending up ruining the reputation of the hotel due to failure to fully organize and meet the requirements as per the event expectation. Given the reputation of this hotel and the competition level against its rivals in the hotel industry, every mistake counts, and such mistakes are to be avoided through all efforts.

Gantt chart

Through the Gantt chart in appendix 3, the facts are appropriately portrayed based on time, therefore making this chart to have a very notable role when it comes to contributing to the arts management that this generation has made. The events or projects are summarized by the Gantt chart making it the effective tool in control and communication. In addition, Pearlson (2006) notes that the Gantt chart has the ability to point out the areas that are problematic therefore resulting in creating the historic event summary. The events in this five star are complex hence the importance of a Gantt chart cannot be undermined. The Gantt chart is usually perceived to be important when complex projects are being analyzed.

Through the Gantt chart; the tasks for the events will be broken in such a way that they will be capably completed. In addition, the basis will be given through which scheduling will be done when it comes to carrying out of these tasks together with allowing plans for resource allocation which are perceived to be important in the event completion and help out in working out the path that is perceived to be critical where completion is specified for a specific date. Once the event is underway, it will be possible to use the Gantt chart in the monitoring of the event is on schedule according to the plan. According to the Gantt chart will be useful in accessing the period of time that a project will last and establishing of an order which is to be used in carrying out the events as per the specification.

Once the process of the event has been put underway, Gantt chart will be used to enhance monitoring of the process, it can be possible to establish what will have to be established at a particular point resulting in taking actions that are remedial which will enhance the project to be put back to the normal tread. When the management committee for the event wants to implement the event in a way that is not only successful but also profitable, this is perceived to be very essential. The Gantt chart that is provided in an appendix is inclusive of all the activities of the events that are perceived to be important. In addition, the time of the activity especially the commencement time, the duration and the finishing time is indicated in the Gantt chart. However as noted, it is not possible for the Gantt chart to show the task dependencies; therefore making it hard to know how the other events will eventually be affected as a result of one of the events falling behind schedule.

Event operations

Basically, Hanna (2001) points the operations management as the process that is usually used by the organizations to ensure that their customers are satisfied.

Health and Space management

Space management is very essential for every event and will be a critical factor especially in cases whereby the exact level of attendance is not known. This results to approximation based on the previous experience and expert’s prediction which sometimes can, however, result in frustrating results. For the staff Christmas function, the number of attendance may be exactly based on the fact that the organization knows its number of staff. The same case goes for the wedding reception in which the exact number is provided. This figure may, however, vary in some other cases, therefore to be on the safer side, providing with an upper range when incorporating the factor of capacity preparation becomes very essential.

The space management is based on the assumption that there are various hazards that may be encountered especially in the spaces that are confined through which there can a high likelihood of these events resulting in casualty. Accidents have previously taken place among the workers based on the fact that there is the failure of the space management to foresee and be able to recognize such hazard. Therefore, the space management plan will be aimed at highlighting all the spaces that are open for the participants of the events with an aim of minimizing the risks that may be associated with work in these areas. Through the management plan, the procedure for reacting in case of risks is given to help in risks minimization to the workers. Appendix 4 provides the conduct procedure in the event areas.

In five star hotel, the management of health risks is enshrined in various legislation pieces. In addition, there is consideration of the safety and health act of the workplace which lists the obligations of the employers in ensuring that the staff and guests in these areas are protected. In addition, the planning for the wedding will have to consider the issue of curfew. In this case, the hotel parameters should be fully sealed at this time to ensure that the movement is minimized together with ensuring that those exiting the building at this time are warned appropriately.

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Risks management

To those risk management that is effective, a clear process will have to be employed in the identification of the risks, setting levels for the risks that are acceptable and taking appropriate steps with an aim of ensuring that risks are kept at levels that are acceptable. The management of the risks is to be done through assessment of the potential consequences and likelihood together with working out actions that are clear and response plan design. From the perspective of Leopkey (2000), the risk management is usually perceived as a proactive process through which the possible risks are assessed. This is noted to involve strategic anticipation, prevention, minimization and development of plans responses which can enable elimination and mitigation of the risks that are identified. The consideration of legal compliance is usually very important when it comes to risk management. In a case of events, it is in most cases inclusive of compliance with the practices that are best. To enable the organizers of the hotel and conference venue to be successful, the adopted tread is that of management of the risk and not taking the risk. This effective risk management will be aimed at reducing the potential liabilities and costs involved with the planning of the event. This will have a higher possibility of resulting in an event that is not only enjoyable but also safer.

The framework for risk management starts with responsibility. The assignment of the responsibility is usually done to specific people of the staff in areas that are inclusive of driving the review process of the risks, maintenance of the register, the risks monitoring and review, consultation and communication, and training the members of the team on how the risks are to be managed. The organizers of these events are to ensure that everyone who has involvement with the event has full information and awareness of the process through which they can be able to manage the risk. The various role of risk management will be played by the organizers of the event, the participants, and also the volunteers. Specific steps will have to be taken by the organizers of the event to ensure that those stakeholders that are involved with various responsibilities and roles are informed. The event risks profile is employed by the organizers in order to enable them to identify the risks together with identification of ways through which each risk can be controlled as highlighted in appendix 7.

Basically, the process of management of risks is usually ongoing. As soon as the plan of risk management has been agreed, it will be put into action. The process will start with the planning of the initial event and go through the wrap-up after the event has already taken place. The plan will also incorporate documentation based on its ability to provide some reference history that is appropriate. This documentation for the comprehensive risk management will be inclusive of; a comprehensive plan of the risk, a register of any incident or accident, the review report of the post-event. Appendix 6 provides the eight steps through which the event will be managed safely coupled with supporting to achieve the goals and minimization of the circumstances whereby the risks can become reality.

Before undertaking the event preparation process and eventual event, there will be an identification of the potential hazards that are connected with the conference and various areas in the hotel by the risk assessment. This will be followed by the recording of the results which forms the basis for the management in the future. When the event management is undertaking the risks assessment, there are various areas that are looked at: the hazards within the conference area is one of the major areas of the assessment together with the work which is to be carried out within the conference area, the various method of working in this area, the required equipment in relation to these risks and their associated hazards, the procedures that are to be used in case of an emergency and rescue process and the number of people that are required to be in this area at one time to ensure that there is no congestion and allow the utilization of the available resources without any congestion. The risk assessment form which is provided in appendix 5 provides a procedure through which the hotel event organizers will be able to monitor the activities and respond appropriately.

Based on the unpredictability nature of the risk, the senior manager of the event will be involved in ensuring that there is the appropriate application of the responsibility. the senior management responsibility is that of ensuring that there is an application of adequate resources in the policy implementation in a way that is effective. There is also the need for the event management auditing the supervisor’s performance and ensuring that the training provided to the staff is sufficient to ensure that their performance in the event is effective.

The security will also have the responsibility of maintaining contact with those entering to the conference facility and to react as soon as possible in case of any occurrence of any risks associated with security risks. The attendance is employed to ensure that the conference facilities as not tempered with together with making sure that the staff and attendants health is not affected by any conditions that may be extreme within the conference facility. In connection to this, their responsibility will be ensuring that accurate count of all the people attending the event is maintained; which will be ensured through maintaining a contact with all the entry, notification for the evacuation of everyone in case of observation of any condition that is risky and ensuring that the security team is notified in case of occurrence of any emergency.

The plan for event management

As the organizing committee of five-star hotel and conference charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the events will be rated in order of occurrence and a plan is established in appendix 8, which clearly illustrates the events in the appropriate order to ensure that there is efficient management of the time which is limited. The total number of guests that are expected for this event are 2000. This does not, however, imply that there is no likelihood of this number being more or less. This is however not a big issue based on the hotel capacity which is 500. Therefore, as long as the increase is within this range, then the plan appropriately incorporates it.

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This article has looked at various aspects of event management which are inclusive of the logistics involved, the planning for the actual event, the management of the space together with the operations of the event among others. The risk management in the wedding event among the five events that the organizers are managing has been highlighted as requiring massive consideration the based on the fact the security should always be a priority in such events. The risk management as highlighted will be for the benefit of the hotel and also the participants who in this case are the clients hosted by the hotel.

Time management is also highlighted as a very important aspect of the event management based on its limited factor. Appendix 8 provides an illustration of a layout which should be put in place to ensure that there is efficient management of time on the wedding day. After incorporating all these aspects in the management of an event, it will be very important to note that setting objectives is what will make the organizers of the event be successful. Through these objectives, a clear guidance will be provided in relation to the event that the organizers are intending to undertake.

As soon as an agreement is made on the target figure, based on consideration of all the underlying factors, it becomes possible for the event organizers to set the expectation, provide a basis for which the budget for the event can be provided coupled with clarification of the needs that are to be involved in the process of managing the events.

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