Effective Teamwork in Project Management

Teamwork is incredibly essential in any exercise, be it social or professional. In order to have an efficient team that can work harmoniously towards a common goal, effective communication must be applied always. It is believed that effective communication can produce outstanding results in project management. One of the most crucial aspects of project management is effective leadership; this means that the manner in which leaders are selected must be agreeable to all members. To attain that, versatile communication is necessary. Members must be prepared to listen and empathize with those that harbor divergent opinion. Members must develop a culture of listening to each other and be willing to compromise at all times.

Project organization structure

A-team Construction, Inc through the stewardship of Mr. Scott Doe adopted divisional organizational structure. This kind of organizational structure was deemed suitable for this type of project because of a number of reasons. To start with, under-construction projects like this require specialization at every stage. For instance, a team tasked with roofing must only be specialized in roofing. Above all, the tasks required in this project will be subdivided and assigned to employees based their area of specialization and experience. Under divisional organization structure, it will be easy to subdivide team members and categorize them in accordance with their areas of specialty. For instance, a person in charge of planning will be answerable to the supervisor in charge of that department. In such a case, accountability is easier.

It will be proficient for supervisors to account for their departments and give the final report to the program manager. In divisional organizational structure, it is easier for effective communication to take place. The program manager convenes a meeting with the relevant department heads and informs them on what the project needs. The same department heads will take the message to their personnel on the ground. The divisional organizational structure provides for easy solutions for problems. This is because; there is only one overall project manager who runs the project. In case of any emergency, anybody is at liberty to report to the project manager and an appropriate action will be taken.

How divisional organization structure was approved

For effective teamwork, A-team Construction, Inc needs to clearly define the roles of each member and create a comprehensive conflict resolution procedure. In order to achieve the above-mentioned effectively, an appropriate team structure was put in place. Members in this project realized that they need effective leadership to accomplish their tasks efficiently. Given the fact that every team member was an expert in his or her area, members came together with management to put a team in place.

They decided that to avoid disagreements, the project manager Mr. Scott Doe chooses the team that he wanted to work with from them. The manager picked one person from every department after careful examination. The team was later presented with the names of project officials and were allowed to make objects. The management listened to members keenly and responded accordingly to the wishes of the members. A team was later constituted as per the requirements of a divisional team structure.

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