The League of Nations

This is an essay on American History. The essay briefly gives the details of the opposition that President Wilson faced as he tried to create the League of Nations. The essay also touches on the treaty of Versailles.

The League of Nations

The League of Nations is an idea which was brought up President Wilson with an aim of maintaining peace in the maintaining peace in the world. The idea was however faced with a lot of opposition especially within America. According to Wilson, the hostility which was being witnessed was due to flaws in international relations which if amended would lead to a peaceful world. Wilson came up with fourteen points which outlined the peaceful world. Among the suggestions in the fourteen points was the need for reduction in armament, ending secret diplomacy, reduction of trade barriers, and reduction of colonies among others.

The League of Nations was met with stiff opposition from various quarters around the globe. At this time the leader of the opposition was Henry Cabot Lodge. Lodge led the opposing factions against the idea of the idea of Wilson. Opposition against the idea of League of Nations was based on the idea that if the US joined the League of Nations it could lose a number of issues. Lodge argued that the League of Nations would act as a supranational government and as such would limit the government of American from determining its own affairs. The treaty of Versailles was also not ratified by the US. It has been argued that the enmity between Wilson and Lodge. There are claims that ethnic divisions within America also contributed to the US not ratifying the treaty. It has been argued that the German Americans felt the treaty of Versailles treated Germany harshly, the Italian Americans felt that Italy deserved allocation of more land while the Irish American complained that the treaty ignored the issues that affected the Irish independence (Borah 1).

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