The Utilization of Computers as a Good Development

The utilization of the computers has brought about good things more than the bad things. No matter how much people talk about it having brought evils through their internet-based program, my appeal from the Utilitarian theory support its positive development.

According to Utilitarian theory, the moral worth of any action that has been brought about by things such as computers is determined by solely its usefulness in maximizing the utility. Therefore, through the advantages that the computer utilization has towards the accomplishment of the task. Some of the advantages that have been brought through computer utilization that has increased the utility of the work are as follows.

Positive development in writing

The development of the computer has increased the speed at which the entry of data is done. Compared to entering the data manually, the data entry through the computer system is quite fast and efficient. The data can be easily edited and restructured well to change it into different ways. There are many tools that the computer uses to ensure that it offers different kinds output example, Pdf documents, books, HTML, and text. It increases the efficiency of storage and it is less expensive. It is easy to search for the document and navigate around.

For organization

The organization is offered varied tools such as palm software to Franklin Covey, to GTD based o the David Allen system to flat text files. Once a document is in electronic form, it makes it easy for the company to store bulk documents. This is because one computer can stores a lot of document thus occupying less space compared to paperwork. This makes it easy to locate the document in the store.


Through the Utilitarian theory, the computer development has had many advantages in their utilization. Through the number of the advantages that computers have to their users and the organization. Their advantages have in their development has made the great happiness to the user depending on the final utility that the people get finally.

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