Vegetarian Diet Health Impact

Eating habits of each person are different. Some prefer veganism, and others exclude several products from their daily menu. Moreover, some people suffer from some allergies or follow a diet to lose weight. This topic is highly important since one’s life depends on a healthy nutrition. Junk food and spicy dishes ruin the stomach and make one feel weak and powerless. At the same time, vegetables and fruit as well as low fat meat and fish provide the necessary vitamins and vital products for one to be healthy. Nevertheless, a vegetarian diet is not healthy since the human organism needs both animal and plant food to function properly since both types of food contain the vitamins necessary for life. Therefore, people following vegetarian diets lack vital vitamins and nutrients that only animal food contains. Then, a positive effect comes from the general healthy lifestyle connected with sports and the absence of spicy and fat fast food. However, not all diets can be beneficial to people as some find them useful and helpful, while for others, they are a waste of time and health. Thus, this paper discusses the vegetarian diet and claims that it is negative for human health.


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First, some vitamins and nutrients are found only in animal food. Thus, plant food or some other products simply do not contain them. For instance, red and green pepper, Brussels cabbage, strawberry, and other fruits contain vitamin C that renovates cell membranes. However, no plants contain vitamin B12, and it is vital for health. This nutrient is crucial for the function of each cell of the body (Mercola, 2016). This vitamin is especially essential for the blood and brain functioning. Thus, vitamin B12 is of great importance for those who go in for sports and pregnant women. It makes a positive impact on the nervous system and metabolism, encourages the body development, and decreases the level of cholesterol in the human blood. Only some sorts of fish, rabbit meat, and liver contain this nutrient. Therefore, those, who follow the vegetarian diet, lack this important nutrient (Gunnars, 2013b). At the same time, creatine, animal protein, carnosine, and vitamin D3 are of animal origin. Creatine is the most famous vitamin that helps to build muscles. Therefore, a good physical form calls for protein. Carnosine is vital not only for the muscles but also for the brain. It prevents the degenerating process. Furthermore, vitamin D3 is important, especially in the countries, where rainy weather prevails. All above-mentioned nutrients contain amino acids and energy reservoir in the right portions. Some of them even stop the aging process. Only if a person eats animal food, he/she can get those (Gunnars, 2013b). Therefore, vegetarians have the lowered level of testosterone because they lack cholesterol – an essential molecule of every cell membrane.

Secondly, there is no evidence that vegan diets are better and healthier. Avoiding meat in the daily menu cannot provide the positive outcomes for the human organism. There are more observational studies than proven facts. Every diet has a positive feedback. However, it does not mean that they are verified. It is more about the lifestyle a vegetarian leads. Physical activity and quitting smoking and alcohol drinking are the effects that bring more benefit to one’s health than following a vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, those, who follow the diet, are more health conscious. They eat more vegetables and fruit (Gunnars, 2013). Additionally, vegetarians exclude sugar, oil, and spicy food from their menus. The study illustrates no difference in mortality rate between the groups (Gunnars, 2013). Consequently, veganism is only the reason to follow a healthy lifestyle. It forces people to avoid bad habits, such as smoking and fast food eating, and accept positive ones.

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Sometimes, when it comes to veganism, people spread false information. They scare others and force them not to eat animal food. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that meat or products of animal origin cause harm. Therefore, before believing in scary stories about meat and eating it, one should check the source of this information and its quality. According to a Chinese study, the men and women, who eat red meat, have a lower risk of such illnesses as cancer and cardiovascular disease (Gunnars, 2013). Nevertheless, a vegetarian diet does not work for everyone. Thus, some people do not get any positive outcomes from such a lifestyle, but many are satisfied with it. However, even a little amount of animal food gives good results and makes people feel comfortable. People have been eating meat for millennia. The human body develops in such a way perfectly (Keegan, 2010). People can absorb, digest, and assimilate the vitamins and nutrients from animal food.

However, some people have to decrease meat consumption. The ethnical and environmental reasons prevent people from eating meat. Thus, environmentally friendly individuals do not eat meat. They protect animals and fight for their rights. Another issue is religion that sometimes forbids meat consumption. However, one’s diet depends on many factors (Gunnars, 2013b). Thus, age, gender, religion, personal preference, tastes, and health are the main issues that determine food culture. People need vitamins and minerals to work productively. 

In conclusion, the animal food contains vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats. Some of these vitamins are vital for the nervous and blood systems as well as development of muscles. Those, who exclude animal products from their diets, lack these nutrients. What is more, no proven studies exist to confirm positive effect of veganism. Some people only invent the stories about the usefulness of vegetarian diets. Finally, every person has its preferences, choices, and peculiarities of food traditions and habits, but still, veganism is not healthy for human health.

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