International Easter Sunday Traditions

International Easter Sunday Traditions


Springtime is usually associated with a bunny, and not a simple one, but Easter Bunny. It is a common tradition all over the world to hunt Easter eggs during this holiday, and that is the Bunny, who is responsible for hiding those chocolate sweets. Despite the similar celebration, each country has its own habits during these days.

Here are a few ways of how families in various countries meet Easter Sunday


Even though an Easter animal in this country has rabbit-like ears, you cannot call him a bunny. The thing is that in Australia rabbits are considered pests, eating farm plants all over Australia. That is why Easter Eggs are brought to children by rodents, which are endangered and respected animals in the country.


The traditions here are very similar to those in the USA, however, they prefer not to hide Easter Eggs in the garden plants, but rather hang them on the trees and on the lanterns along the streets. Apart from that, colorful decorations are an integral part of the holiday in Germany.


Here, the tradition of Easter sweets is completely different. On Thursday before Easter Sunday, church bells stop ringing, and children are told that it is because they are going to fly to Rome and back to bring chocolate presents. During Easter Sunday, bells start ringing again and kids get their promised sweets.


In the Caribbean region, people tend to spend their Easter Sunday and Monday by flying millions of colorful kites. This tradition symbolizes the soul of Jesus that went to heaven. The other traditions are similar to the traditions of former British colonies.


The countries of Latin America have a common type of celebrations – people there create a straw figure of Judas. This apostle betrayed Jesus Christ to earn 30 silver coins. In the end of Easter Sunday, this figure is either burnt or beaten in order to show the disapproval of Judas’ deed.


In this country, people celebrate Easter weekend with a lot of water. First of all, men splash water on women who have no husbands. Moreover, girls wear traditional Hungarian costumes during these days. Most of the cities all over the countries conduct special ceremonies with water, while other invite people to massive water fights.


Here Easter is quite similar to Halloween festival held during the fall season. Children still have to find their treats, but they must do it in the special costumes that are similar to which images during All Hallows' Eve.

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