Write a Super Scarring and Cool Halloween Card

Create Best Halloween Card


It has already been almost ten years since I am having fun writing Halloween cards. Creating and sharing these entertaining messages is a pleasure for me. I can spend hours thinking of felicitous phrases which would soon be read by my friends. What makes me happy is that these greeting cards work as a mood-boosting tool. Can you imagine receiving such a funky piece of paper on the occasion of Halloween? What would be your reaction like?

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to treat your nearest and dearest to such a gift as a Halloween card. Getting started, you might be confused choosing the theme. It is unclear whether you should be playful and foolish or frightening.

Amusing Hallowing Ideas

What could be better than an amazing hairstyle on Halloween? This is absolutely true, so do not forget to apply a great dose of scare spray. This is all about creating a unique holiday look. For example, take on a role of a ghost. This character is proven to be one of the funniest and the most adorable.

There are the possible phrases for the card:

  • I wish you to have a killer day on Halloween.
  • I am waiting with patience to spend the holiday with you.
  • Happy Halloween! 
  • This day is about remembering the light childish days and act without restrictions. Enjoy it.
  • Show your inner personality! It is Halloween.
  • Sharing candies is a good Halloween tradition.

No shame to be weird! October 31st is high time to be mysterious. Do not forget to put the costume and mask aside the next day.

If not on Halloween then when could you show your neighbors a magnificent trick-or-treat performance? Try to scare the life out of them in case they will disagree to give you sweets. Here are a couple of nice phrases you might write them:

  • The party is coming. Let’s go crazy!
  • Are you ready to visit a dentist? Tonight you gonna meet the one.
  • There is nothing to be terrified of till the moment Reese's cup.

It is a nice idea to send a kind of humorous and amusing messages to your colleagues and friends. More appropriate ones for co-workers are rather general greeting phrases. Does not matter whom you write, think of some subjects which are somehow related to Halloween. It is also helpful to write them down, for instance, such words as, spooky, scarecrow, witch, costume, vampire, mummy, and others. To add to that, feel free to make up your own joke and then convert it to a message.

By the way, there are various forms of congratulation available. You can use an old-school method and write it by yourself. Another option is to use social networks as Facebook or simply write a quirky message to somebody. Therefore, opt for the most appropriate for you. Use your imagination and make this day a very special one to people close to you.

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