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Art Essays

Writing a good art essay is the art from a certain perspective. The paper is your canvas while the words serve as watercolors. Just like an artist, you should come up with an idea and transform it from a thought into something that others can see. In addition, similarly to painting, art essay writing requires certain skills and knowledge in order to compose something worthy. If you do not have them yet, we can help you take one step closer to creating own masterpieces with words.

A correctly chosen topic is half the work done. Art essay topic should intrigue you so that you could interest a reader. Finally, even if you are enchanted by sculpture, do not select it if you have never dealt with it. It will be much easier to write an essay about art that you know at least a bit rather than start learning about some type of it from scratch.

You should be familiar with terms and notions pertaining to the art chosen and be able to use them correctly. It is one of the keys to understanding an artistic work and the ways of how to write an art essay well.

Remember that although essay writing, as well as any other art type, gives much freedom to the author, it still has some standards and requirements that should be duly followed. However, even with this limitation, it will be easy to write if you choose a topic that is interesting and familiar to you. Genuine curiosity about the subject will assist in coming up with unique ideas and evidence to support them.

Italian Futurism Art and Italian Baroque Art


Italian Futurism Art

Futurism is the common name of the artistic avant-garde movements in painting, poetry, architecture, and outlook of the 1910s - early 1920s that developed primarily in Italy and then - in Russia (Adams, 2007). In the visual arts, Futurism is based on Fauvism, from whic...

Reflection on the Creative Practice

The final project explores the traditional Chinese culture, the connection between the Chinese manner of meditation known as Zen and Kung Fu in particular. The movie lasts for eight minutes and consists of three parts. The current paper will analyze the decision-making process, th...

Dance Appreciation

Of all forms of art, dance has remained an integral part of human’s life, probably for the longest period of time. Thus, dance has retained its special and even sacred function. In fact, the dance acquired its entertaining function only in the 1920s. The skill of Ruth St. Denis was unequalled. The...


Titanic and its sinking have remained in the public eye for decades. There are many novels and documentary researches based on the motives of this tragedy. The first books about the sinking of the ship appeared in just a few months after the accident and tried to present their own...

Japanese Movie: Swallowtail Butterfly

Japan has always been a popular destination for tourists as much as for immigrants. While the former come for exotic locations and culture, the latter hope to earn a quick yen. Shunji Iwai’sSwallowtail Butterfly is a cosmopolitan fairytale about Tokyo and its multiculturality. Starting the ...


What does it mean “to be modern”? Is it enough to have a trendy haircut, a popular device, and follow the color patterns of own clothes? In the recent years, the modernity has acquired more a consumer form of an expression, where the concept was defined by the presence of those or other products...

John Bergers Ways of Seeing



John Berger's "Ways of Seeing" is primarily based on criticism of art and the way the societies interpret what it sees in the artwork. It is a comparison between how people appreciate art in the modern day versus the ancient time. John Berger's W...

Music and Sculpture


The intriguing and complementary relationship between music and sculpture can be discovered using several artistic parameters like scale, form, structure and shape, which blend to produce a harmonizing effect on the listener and viewer. The artist functions as the creator of the scenario which...

Photo-Succession in the US

Photo-Secession began in the early 20th century as a movement that advanced photography as a fine art as well as photographic pictorialism in particular. Several photographers started a group, led by F. Holland Day and Alfred Stieglitz and in the early 1900s they began to spread their controversial ...

Supporting of Art Through Therapy

There is enough evidence to support the fact that creativity and healing in most of the cases come from a single place in the human anatomy, which is basically what art therapy is premised on. It is this fact that art therapy has found acceptance in the medical field, even being used to supplement o...

Breviary of Philippe le Bel


Many celebrated curators and artists around the world have described art and design as the music the deaf and hear and dance to, the song the dumb can sing along and the portraits the blind can see; art is something that unites people from all walks of life. The purpose of this essay is to bri...

Contemporary Art Case

The Midwestern Contemporary Museum is located in Chicago. It is known to be one of the largest facilities that have paid most attention to the modern art. This is one of the major achievements of the facility bearing in the mind that most of the modern facilities have paid more attention to the anci...

Art Therapy

At some point, people find themselves beaten by the strength of their emotions which are either difficult for them to face or to face with other people. Art therapy provides an excellent opportunity to explore these painful or intense feelings and thoughts in a supportive environment. Art therapy in...
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