Installation of Driving Privileges

In reference to the subject above, I humbly submit my request to your esteemed board requesting for the installation of my driving privileges. The first reason as to why I am requesting for the revocation of the suspension is my nature of work. I am the Responsible Officer (RO) for the Camp Buehring 5J TPT Tank Farm which is a 24 hours 7 days a week multi-product hub. We are responsible for 50 TCN and 4 Supervisors that run this site 24 hours operation. I am on call 24 hours a day and my duties include escorting civilians without proper identification to and from the site and also escort fuel truck drivers without proper identification. In addition to that I am also required to be on standby in case of any emergency or problems that may occur to workers while on site, it is my duty that I must answer to any emergency calls within the site in a duly and timely manner. It is because of my nature of work that I am writing to you to appeal against this notification for proceedings to revoke my Installation Driving Privileges.

The second issue I wish to the attention of the board is concerning an event that happened on 22nd May 2010; I came from out of the DFAC to notice my NTV was the only vehicle parked in the same location as 4 other NTV with a ticket. I went to the MP station to report about this very issue but I was told that the MP had to respond to another call. On 06th August 2010, I went to the MP station to report a minor accident that I had at the site in which I crushed into a grounding reel which is not visible if you are in a moving vehicle since it is not marked. My argument is that despite the fact that I was given a ticket, the MP never went to investigate or visited the site to validate my story. If he would have investigated the case then he would have seen my point and written a report on the same. The question therefore is; "How can vehicles avoid hitting something that is not visible or even marked to help drivers keep clear from it?"

I have read in detail the AR-190-5, Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision or ASG-KU Command Policy Memorandum # 15 and I promise I will comply with all the stated rules and regulations. I feel that revoking or suspending my license will put me in a tight position and I will not be able to respond to any emergency that might occur at that site in a timely manner. As a Senior NCO I am very remorseful and ashamed of the situation that I have put myself in. I wish to bring to the attention of the board that in the next two months this site will be under re-construction and we will have contracted casual workers at the site who will not have official badges and therefore they will need an escort to and from the site.

As a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), I humbly request that you grant me another opportunity to prove myself as a dedicated, loyal, respectful, law abiding NCO and worthy of me retaining my license. I hope this appeal will be considered and that I will be given a second chance.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

John Singles

Senior NCO

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