University Contribution and Benefits

This is a college entrance essay. The essay will specifically talk about me and how I would contribute to the university. It will also entail on the benefits I will derive from and how I will contribute to the university environment. It will consider such variables as my talents, travels, leadership activities, volunteer services, and cultural experiences that will affirm my entry.

I have just completed my 12th grade and successfully passed to join the university. I studied in a public school as my parents were not financially able to support my education in a private school. It is my hope and prayer that joining your university will help me achieve most of my academic and extra-curriculum goals. Apart from academic qualifications, I possess other achievements and qualities that add value to my qualifications. From my early years, I discovered my talents in public speaking and soccer. I have pursued and utilized these talents through my high school years. I was the school's football captain for three years where I successfully led the team to win many tournaments and awards. On joining the university, I hope to get a chance in the university's football team where I promise to do my best in helping the team to win what is at stake. I used my public speaking talent in high school debates where we discussed issues relating to students and the general public. Hence, given a chance I will continue participating in the students' debates at the University for my Sake, of the university and that of the nation whenever required.

These talents created avenues for leadership opportunities like; the football captain and the speaker in the student's parliament. I used my leadership positions to achieve the appointee's goals without fear or favor. This I promise to further towards participation, improvement, and success of the different groups in the university. I have consequently traveled a lot during the holidays and organized school trips. This has enabled me to meet and interact with different types of people from variant races and hence will favorably adapt to the diverse university life. I will consequently advocate for equality and justice for all regardless of that diversity. I have also participated in voluntary activities courtesy of humanitarian organizations and school clubs. Through these, we have helped many realize their talents, dreams and improved their lives. We equally participated in the conservation and improvement of the environment through our voluntary activities. I hope to extend and advance this compassion as well as creating the best environment in and outside the university. I addition, I was brought up in a Christian family where I adopted the Christian principles and good morals which I hold dear. My grandfather taught me some ethical behaviors which included respect and honesty. I have kept the values to this day and won't relent on them- they will help me to live peacefully with my colleagues and the university staff.

On joining this university, I bet to enjoy numerous benefits during my stay and on completion of my studies. This will give me a chance to enjoy student loans from the government and hence financial support in pursuing my studies which my parents cannot afford. I will also be guaranteed of getting a quality education and skills applicable in my career. I will similarly get the chance of practicing and advancing my talents to a more beneficial level. Through the university, I will have used my compassion to help the general society and improved the environment. Conclusively, I will get recognized certification that will help me secure employment in the competitive world. Thus, I will have realized my dreams and built my future courtesy of this university.

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