Brother’s Greed

Excitement was the foremost feeling I experienced when I learned that I was going to have a brother. That is because I've always been told that a brother is a person who is dependable, thoughtful, reasonable, patient and generous. I envisioned him as someone you can count on to watch your back, take care of you and stand by your side thru thick or thin… A person who will always listen no matter how trivial my problems are… Someone who will always try to lift my spirit and make me smile when I'm depressed… Someone who will become interested enough in my well being to give me sound and impartial advises… And most of all, someone I can share all my possessions and experiences with. But lo and behold, in reality my brother turned out as a greedy and miserable hoarder.

Even as a child, my brother has always shown a hunger for attention. He has a good set of lungs and has never hesitated in using it when he wants something, especially our parents' notice. I understand that babies cry to express their needs but I remember his cries to have been almost incessant. I thought it would ease up as he grew older but alas, every little thing seems to make him wail out loud. I thought he was just a cry baby until eventually I started to notice how his cries would be loudest when I'm talking or receiving praise from our parents. Later on, he never failed to stir conversations away from me and instead direct it towards his daily experiences and accomplishments during family discussions. And even during family gatherings, he would never fail to laugh out loud or do something silly to draw attention to himself.

Furthermore, my brother has always been miserly when it comes to his possessions. As a child he loved to play with my toys but he would always cry out loud when he sees me even just touch his toys. In fact, he would make a big scene of snatching away his goods and reprimanding any person he sees in possession of it. And though he would not hesitate to borrow another person's equipments, no one has ever been able to borrow anything from him. He would always have one reason or another why his things cannot leave his possession until you eventually tire of trying to borrow anything at all from him. He even has locks for all his cabinets and he permits no one but our parents to enter his room to ensure that none of his things will be lost or borrowed. His greed even extends to food, which he always labels with his name and the words "Do not touch" so no one else will eat it. I guess that up to now he still has not learned the meaning of sharing.

Finally I would describe my brother as a penny-pincher. He is tight-fisted on money and would try to save every penny he can. However, even though he has money to spare, he would never open-handedly offer to give or lend you money even though he knows how much you need it. You always have to ask him first and you can only borrow money at a high interest rate or after you do something for him as recompense. And in all our years together, I have never seen him spare money to buy me something of value to show his appreciation. A short "thanks" or greeting is all I get whenever he wants to express his gratitude or acknowledgement.

I believe no one is perfect, not me and certainly not my brother. We all have faults, but in the case of my brother, I couldn't help but compare him to Scrooge because of his greed for attention and selfishness for money and material possessions. Though I love my brother I cannot help but resent him at times because of these characteristics. I only hope that someday he would eventually learn how to share.

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