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Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay is a type of papers that require a student to take a stance regarding a specific problem, which is usually debatable and provides argumentation of why such choice is the correct one. Such tasks require much efforts and time, but they develop analytical and critical thinking skills. That is why professors love these assignments very much and usually have numerous argumentative essay topics to surprise you with. You may check argumentative essay examples in order to see where and how counterargument should be presented.

You need to remember that all argumentation should be based on facts and evidence. You should persuade with reasoning instead of an emotional appeal. Thus, since you will have to vehemently prove the validity of the own position, when your professor provides a list of argumentative essay topics for college students, be sure to select the one about which you feel the most confident.

Once a topic is chosen, do not focus on searching relevant information to prove own position only. It is mandatory to investigate the stance of the opponents as well. Not only will it make you ready to refute any of them, but it will also give you ideas of how to convince the audience of your rightness. Such an approach will work regardless of argumentative essay ideas you have.

Finally, the structure of an argumentative essay should be the same as that of any other paper, i.e., have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Our sample essays may inspire you for new arguments and help grasp an idea of how the paper should look like. The success of these essays, however, does not depend on the structure. It is the strength of reasoning that may ensure a top grade for you.