The Importance of Family and Kinship

Are the family and kinship important in the changing world of the 21st century?

According to (Max Weber, Walter Garrison Runciman 1977) kinships are the family ties which can be either patrimonial or matrimonial in nature and mostly influenced by economic power. Kinship was an aspect that shaped the society in the early years as power, status and class were tailored on one's family influence. In the modern society, the family and the larger kin system is not always important in the changing world of the 21st century.

Family and kinship helps us bond and establish life-long relationships through two kinds of relatives, namely biological and marriage. One's kinsmen are his/her biological relatives (mother, father, brother, cousin etc.) as well as one's marriage relatives (wife, mother in law, father in law, brother in law etc). On the other hand in the modern society, marriage unites two people as well as their families. They often establish social bonds between families and larger

In some societies, Kin groups that can be counted in the thousands. For instance, the Kennedy family, a well known Democrat family from Massachusetts. Maria Shriver, one of the king of the Kennedy's is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the current governor of California. It is good to note that the relationship between families can be more than social.

Marriages can be arranged to establish relationships between nations as well as economic relations. The resources that Often exchange hands (Dowry or bride price) cement the marriage relationship between the two families. Families are the basic social units in the society that define status and often determine where someone fits into the world. It's important to note that one sometimes receive your political indoctrination from the family. In most cases, families provide emotional and economic support to their members.

Weber talks about Status as a social honor or popularity in society. The modern society is not based on kinship ties. For example, the Current American president comes from a very humble background that was nowhere in the greatest families of America but has attained a status for him. Power is yet another aspect of Weber's work that is notable. It is prudent to argue that in the current world, power is not based on an individual but rather in the position. Take for instance the President of American the most powerful person on earth but not the wealthiest. The class is also attained as many multi-Billion enterprises are not run by the owners.

In conclusion, in the 21st Century, Kinship and Family ties is an aspect that is becoming extinct. Today's world offers an opportunity to everyone to rise both in Class, Status, and power, regardless of their family's economic, social or political power.

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