How to Improve Self Confidence

Self Confidence


Self-confidence is the ability to believe that your skills and capabilities can overcome any challenges. As long as it doesn’t border on arrogance, good self-confidence is a feature necessary to possess for everyone who wants to survive in our highly competitive society. Before we find out about building self-esteem, we first need to determine what undermines it.

3 Factors that Harm Self-Confidence

  • You haven’t made any great achievements yet. The more people succeed, the more confident they feel. So, those who are slightly falling behind can suffer from low self-confidence while comparing themselves to others.
  • You haven’t discovered your assets. Every person is naturally good at some things and lacks skills for something else. If you do something you don’t have innate talents for, you might feel as if you were failing.
  • You’re focused only on winning. Failure and victory are two opposite concepts; however, there is a whole range between them. Usually, there is a sole winner and you not being one never means you’ve failed. Once you’ve managed to find out where your low self-confidence stems from, it’s time to start combating it.

4 Ways to Improve Self Confidence

  • Record your achievements. They shouldn’t necessarily be life-changing feats, but every day is a small personal victory. Whether you’ve finally handed in a paper or cleaned out your closet, appreciate every small success. It’s also important to pay attention to psychological achievements because your mental health is the main part of your self-confidence.
  • Focus on your strength instead of your weakness. If you notice that you’re continuously failing in a certain activity, try to avoid doing it at all. There are plentiful other things you’ll be successful at, so you should find your forte and work towards achieving great results in it. Try not dwelling on the things that you are not good at. Better concentrate on what you do excel at.
  • Pay attention to the things that you can always control. Any kind of success consists of many factors, and some of them are beyond being influenced by you. For example, you cannot control the outcome of a sports game you participate in, it’s only your performance that depends on you. Build your confidence on the ways you fight adverse circumstances and not on the conditions themselves.
  • Self-confidence is a combination of various things. That’s why you can develop it only when you work on all spheres of your life. Being successful at work but suffering in a relationship with your partner is likely to have a detrimental effect on your confidence. So, if you feel like you’re lacking in it, maybe, it’s a good idea to look for the reason in your relationships with people around you.

Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on your success and life in the future. However, there are different ways to boost confidence. Follow the ones mention above and you’re bound the improve it.

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