How To Write A Capstone Project

capstone project writing tips


The capstone project is the most important work in the students’ practice. It helps to determine the level of your knowledge and professional skills. This paper is the result of your studying, and it must show your best qualities. Therefore, it is necessary to take this work very responsibly. Make sure that you have enough time. Consult your professor to understand how to write a capstone essay correctly. Choose a relevant topic and explore various sources of information. Here are a few recommendations that will help you write a good paper.

The Main Stages Of The Creating A Capstone Project

The writing of the paper includes several stages. The first stage is the choice of the topic and its exploring of with the professor, working out, and coordination of the plan of writing a work.

The second stage is the collection of material on the theme of the project. Unlike the study of the material that provides a solution to the question of choosing a topic and drawing up a plan, the essence of the collection of material is the selection of information from the sources in conjunction with the plan. It must be remembered that a condensed retelling of the main points of the source being studied can be used where the material is not of decisive importance.

The third stage is the processing of the material. The material accumulated on the plan needs to be processed. This new stage comes when the collection of data feeding the development of the topic is over. Collection of additional material usually continues at the stages of writing and editing text, but it usually complements, deepens the content without changing the main one. It is recommended to process the collected material as follows: first, reread and think about the issues of the outline and then release which facts are unnecessary for the development of the topic.

How To Write A Capstone Proposal

Digital, statistical, sociological material, tables, graphs, diagrams, and modern information technologies should be used in the process of processing. It is expedient to generalize data using the methods of statistical analysis and software available in the university or college.

The fourth stage is writing of the body of the text. Therefore, the collected, processed materials should be turned into a consistent, scientifically-reasoned presentation – the text of the work. It materializes the results of scientific thinking. The form of presentation requires a clear, concise, and precise formulation of thoughts.

The writing of the capstone essay requires using citations. It is necessary, at least in three main cases: when using the valuable factual material, while striving to reinforce one’s own thoughts by reference to authority, and when opposing one’s viewpoint to statements that cannot be accepted. Each quotation, statement, and statistical material must be confirmed by reference to the sources.

The Structure Of The Work

It is important to pay attention to the formatting of paragraphs and their proportionality. A paragraph is a new thought, and its emphasis makes reading easier.

An important requirement for editing the text is the author’s modesty. Style of presentation should be scientific, consistent with the competence of the student, as a young specialist, without using too self-confident assessments and emotions, which often differ in publications in periodical literature. The edited project must be properly formatted and presented to the professor for review.

Recommendations On How To Do A Capstone Project Correctly

In order to create a good paper, the author should:

  • draw on the results of the conducted scientific and practical research and the theoretical and methodological rules;
  • take into account the best domestic and foreign experience, the main trends of the subject’s development;
  • reflect the territorial and organizational specifics of the problem being studied.

You should be guided by the following recommendations to know how to write a capstone paper:

  • Each paragraph should end with a summary of the material presented and serving as a logical transition to the next part.
  • When writing a work, the use of outdated statistical data and normative materials is inadmissible. When analyzing phenomena in dynamics, the latest data of the series should refer to at least the year preceding your research. The use of older data is possible when analyzing foreign practices or when it is connected with the goals and objectives of the work.
  • When forming paragraphs, it is necessary to comply with the correspondence of the textual part, table, and graphic materials, both in terms of volumes and necessary comments. The table (chart) cannot be shown in the work if there is no logical reference to it in the text, indicating the position of the author, or what conclusion this material is illustrating.
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