Psychology vs. Science: Understanding Human Behavior

Human behavior is beyond science in a sense that human behavior is predicted using psychological methods as opposed to scientific theories. Science is defined by a process of trial and errors and it never gives any conclusive evidence. Science always uses the word "theory" because most of the scientific findings are theories which are waiting to be replaced by simpler theories or theories which make much more sense than the initial theory. As Abra states in his book should psychology be a science "every science matter has its subject matter events that can be measured, preferably on a scale such as a temperature or size.(Abra, 1998) this he calls the empirical rule".

Psychology, on the other hand, uses a random research on human behavior. Although psychology has been perceived and is still perceived as a science it differs from the scientific method in many ways. Several reasons can be cited for the difference between psychology and science. In science, for example, there lacks an ethical consideration in the way they research and treat their subjects. In science the most used subjects are an animal and when scientist research o the behavior of birds or rats they are under no obligation to not do whatever it is that they wish. On the other hand, if a psychologist uses his subject in the manner which the scientist does then they would be answering lawsuits. While scientist is required to conduct controlled experiments while psychology is neither required or conduct the controlled experiment.

Psychology is different from science in a sense that the psychologist who seeks knowledge and the and the person being studied are not much different from each other. Abra (1998) demanding objectivity or detachment is both hopeless and ridiculous: amateurs and professional alike will both react to content subjectively and emotionally in a manner foreign to other sciences. (pg 8) This goes a long way to prove that psychology is not science since scientist are always detached to the effect their experiment are causing on the subject, psychology is unable to do this in any way. (Abra 1998)

The only time when psychology can be called science is when the use of scientific objects likes sensory nerves to study the brain and the mental capabilities using the physiology of senses (Abra, 1998). This is when the scientific gadgets are used to read and determine how a subject sees the world and how it reacts to certain levels of stimulus.

Although scientist may argue that psychology is science and it is an arguably new field which has a long way to go before it can be fully incorporated into science there are quite a number of human behavior that science is unable to like why we laugh or cry. Where are there kleptomaniacs and although science imagines they can solve the case of psychopath they have not been able to answer the aggression behind this issue? The only way scientist has been able to answer this is when the psychopath has a tumor in their brain which can be measured scientifically. Science can not explain the day to day activity of the human being such as kissing blushing, laughing or superstition. These are part of the things that influence human behavior in very major ways which can only be explained by psychology but never by science.

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